Holy Week and Easter

Hello, lovely readers!

This Sunday (April 9, 2017) is the beginning of a very important week within Catholicism and Christianity as a whole: Holy Week.

Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter and the day Jesus enters Jerusalem.

Another observance within Holy Week is the Chrism Mass. The Chrism Mass is the Mass where the different oils to be used during some of the sacraments are blessed by the bishop of the diocese. This Mass can be held either on Holy Thursday or on another day within the week. Last year and this year, the Chrism Mass within the Diocese of Owensboro has been celebrated on the Tuesday of Holy Week.

The next major day within Holy Week is Holy Thursday and it is the beginning of the Triduum. This is the day Jesus washed the feet of his apostles and instituted the Eucharist. Within the Catholic Church, we commemorate Holy Thursday with the washing of the feet within the Mass. What happens is that the priest washes the feet of twelve people from the congregation.

The following day is a continuation of the Triduum: Good Friday. This is the day when Jesus carries his cross to Calvary, is crucified, and dies.

The third day of the Triduum is Holy Saturday. It is on this day that the Easter Vigil is held. During the Easter Vigil, those who have been preparing to come into the Church are able to do so. During this Mass, those coming into the Church are able to receive the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and their first Holy Communion. (They may receive any or all of these they have not received before.)

After Holy Saturday is a very important day to say the least: EASTER!!!!!!!!!!


Until next time and have a good Holy Week!

-Victoria the Catholic


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