The World We Live In

Hello, lovely readers!

This week, I’m going to take a break from Newman/St. Leo/Catholic-y stuff. I’m going to show you a bit of a hobby of mine: photography.

A favorite subject of mine to photograph  is scenery. Whether it be water, sunsets, or just scenery in general, I like to capture a view that I think is pretty.

Having grown up in Grand Rivers, photographing the lake wasn’t too out of the ordinary. Kentucky Lake is a common subject of my photos, and it is one that will bring back memories. It’ll hold memories whenever I go down the walking path. Below are some pictures I’ve taken along that route around Lighthouse Landing.

The water theme is more than just Lighthouse Landing. In landlocked areas, I also like to take pictures of rivers. Our area provides several chances to do this.

This hobby follows me even when I go to other places (the beach for example ☺). One of my favorite places has had some of the prettiest picture opportunities: Tybee Island, Georgia (TYB). I originally went to TYB in 2013, I went again in 2014, and my last trip there was 2015. It is my favorite beach, and if I can, I’d love to go back there someday. Maybe the following pictures will help show why.

My love for beautiful scenery doesn’t begin and end with water. It also encompasses other aspects of the geography. Another landscape that I’m fond of are the mountains. Last summer, a trip was made to Gatlinburg and I took the following pictures while there.

And just for fun: “Ain’t nobody got time for a wreck. Slow it down.”


“Ain’t nobody got time for a wreck. Slow it down.”

Until next time!

-Victoria the Catholic



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