A Community’s Communication

Hello, lovely people!

This week I’d like to bring to you something that is vital to Newman in order for it to function normally: communication.

An app that is commonly used around Newman is a group messaging app called GroupMe. This is an app where you can create groups and share messages, pictures, gifs, videos, and documents. In fact, one of the lovely ladies from Newman shared the idea of using a certain GroupMe group for this blog post through the app when I asked if anyone had at ideas for a post. (Hi, Marissa! 🙂).


The beautiful picture above is the picture that we use as the group’s avatar and it’s wonderful. This  group that this post’s idea was communicated through is a group made up of many of the ladies at Newman, current and some of those who have already graduated or moved to a different campus in working for FOCUS.

One of the major things that the group is used for is various prayer requests. And a bit of a side note: you can like any message that comes through the app, which comes in handy with the prayer request aspect of this community of women. This is helpful because not everyone’s phone gets a bunch of messages from people responding saying that they’ll be praying. Instead, we just need to hit the ❤ button to let them know that we’ll be praying.

Another common use for this particular GroupMe is to share pictures with our fellow women, whether they’re serious or funny. A couple of examples are given below.



Our communication within this group doesn’t stop there. We also use it to relay important news, like when Bible studies are or when prayers have been answered. We also use it to send other types of pictures, like group pictures from conferences, so that everyone has the chance to have the pictures. YouTube videos and articles have also appeared in this group.

GroupMe at Newman doesn’t stop there. Here are a couple of the other ways that the app is used within Newman: different FOCUS conferences, like SEEK 2015 and 2017 and Student Leadership Summit 2016 (SLS16) and coordination for Spirit and Truth.


Murray delegation at SLS16 in Dallas, Texas.



Most of the Murray delegation at SEEK 2017 in San Antonio, Texas.

GroupMe comes in handy at FOCUS conferences. One of the main reasons is so that we can keep up with where we’re seated and other major announcements. The seating placement is especially important because there are thousands of people at these conferences and getting good seats is VERY competitive (especially if it’s the night when Fr. Mike Schmitz is giving the keynote). The announcement part of it is helpful when coordinating with everyone in when to be where, including when the above picture was taken.


GroupMe is also helpful for the three of us who are in charge of Spirit and Truth. This helps us to keep up with who’s speaking that week, any announcements from Fr. Eugene, any notes/announcements, etc.

So, overall, GroupMe is a messaging favorite among us Newman people. It  definitely has the potential to make communication easier and we can interact in a way that may be more difficult than other messaging platforms.

Until next time!

-Victoria the Catholic


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