Newman Shenanigans

Hello, lovely people!

This week, I’m giving you a more light-hearted and fun blog post. Not only does Newman provide chances to attend conferences, times for Eucharistic Adoration, and Masses for students, we also have times for fun.


One of the more common organized fellowship opportunities that we have are our bonfires. These are more often than not on a Friday or Saturday night. We normally have the materials to make your own s’mores. Music is also a common element of these events. In the past, one of the Newman men, Coy, has backed his truck into the backyard and played music from the truck’s speakers. The last time we had a bonfire, we had a speaker on one of the picnic tables instead of having truck speakers. This last time, we also had a large set of Jenga blocks to use.


New fire pit location within our Rosary circle

The fire pit used to be located in Newman’s backyard but has recently been moved to our side yard. So now, any time we have a bonfire, we will be under the watchful gaze of Momma Mary. ☺

We don’t only have the bonfire itself, but we’ve also had at least one karaoke night. This was a night filled with laughter and good memories and singing to our heart’s content.


Flowers from Fr. Eugene



Not only are bonfires an occurrence around Newman, but so are women’s nights. We may have only had one so far, but it was a time for us women to come together for some bonding and we had our faith integrated into the night.

Something that has been started here recently has been rubber band bracelet wars. These are often very intense battles between students. These are often so involved that in order not to be pulled in to some degree, it’s best to stay around the edges of the room. But on the bright side, it’s a fun stress reliever for those who are involved.


Last spring, we had a celebration for the Kentucky Derby and we had a photo station set up for anyone who wanted to commemorate the day. This was a time for us girls to get dressed up and we had a great time of laughs and smiles. And Pope Francis even showed up! 😉


Pope Francis came to our Derby party!

A more common sight and sound around Newman is foosball. These are games that often get intense (just like the bracelet wars). When people play foosball here at Newman, they sometimes take the game seriously and are more often than not very competitive.

Just to give an example of our love for foosball as a stress reliever, there was one night that is more memorable for me. The teams were Dakota, one of our men, and I against Allie and Peter, one of our FOCUS missionaries. Dakota and I won at least one game, if not two. It then got to the point where it was me going solo on one side, and Allie, Peter, and Ethan (one of our Freshmen) on the other. Even though the odds may have not been in my favor, I only lost by two points.

Newman has been growing over the past two and a half years and we’ve had so many chances to bond with our fellow Catholic students. And I’m grateful for the good memories I have because of them. ☺


Until next time!

-Victoria the Catholic



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