SEEK 2017

Hello, lovely people.

For my first major blog post, I’d like to tell you a bit about a conference that I attended over Winter Break. The conference was called SEEK and was presented by the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS). This year’s SEEK was held in San Antonio, TX, and we had 12,000 students or more attend. The Murray delegation had 67 students attend, as well as our five missionaries and two priests.

This year’s conference was my third FOCUS conference. I attended SEEK2015 my freshman year and the Student Leadership Summit 2016 (SLS16) my sophomore year. Each conference has been a different experience and I have enjoyed each one.

This year’s SEEK was amazing for me because I was able to encounter God in a new way. He spoke through some of the speakers and through some of the others that were in attendance. I was able to encounter my relationship with God in a way that I needed.

A little about the conference itself: we had a general schedule set in place by FOCUS for each day. On January 4-6, the day began with prayer and Mass, followed by men’s and women’s talks. We had impact sessions in the afternoons and keynote talks in the evenings. On January 5, we had a conference-wide Adoration. Being able to attend this time of prayer with thousands of other people was amazing to be a part of.

Some of my favorite talks were some of the Impact Sessions that I attended and a couple of the women’s talks. Something from Crystalina Evert’s women’s talk that I liked was the idea that we need to take the matters of our heart seriously, God does. And I also liked from her talk was to listen to the little voice of God. Another women’s talk that I enjoyed was Leah Darrow’s. What I liked from hers was when she told us and had us repeat “I am strong. I am brave.”

One of the Impact Sessions I liked was Fr. Scott Traynor’s “Prayer Can Be More Than Just a ‘Hail Mary’ Pass.” Something that stuck with me from this talk was the idea that if God only knew what you told Him, how much would He know? Another Impact Session I went to was given by Jeff Cavins. One of the notes I made during this talk was about talking to Jesus like He’s really, really there because He is.

One of the Keynote talks that I enjoyed was Fr. Mike Schmitz’s. There were a few things that stuck out to me during his talk, but one thing in particular has stuck out: “What breaks your heart, it breaks His (Jesus’s) heart.”

Overall, this conference was an experience that I’m glad to have had. We might have had more bus time going from Murray to San Antonio and back than we might have wanted, but being able to have this experience and these memories with the amazing people that I went with was so worth it.

FOCUS and Newman House Catholic Camus Ministry for Murray State University have impacted my life in such an amazing way. I have been changed for the better because of them, and they will always have a place in my heart. Thank you all for the memories, the family, the love, and for making me a part of the family and the sense of belonging.

Until next time!

-Victoria the Catholic



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